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Why buying local flowers is a great idea!

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

I recently had a conversation with a family member about buying flowers. She wasn't such a fan of purchasing flowers because of several reasons she had. It really got me thinking about why you should shop flowers, why you should purchase flowers locally sourced and why you should buy flowers from, well... me!

Why flowers?

Do you know where your flowers are coming from? Majority of flowers aren't arriving fresh or even watered. Most of our flowers are imported; cut early to make their long travels without a drink of water. Meaning that our flowers aren't staying fresh on our tables for very long because they've already extended their shelf life. I know for me, the idea of a flower's life spent in the back of a truck is sad and depressing. I have always loved the idea of fresh from the field, handpicked and tied. If you've ever said you don't like flowers because they don't last long for the amount of money that you pay, it may be because your flowers were already on their way out before you had even put them on the table. Which leads me to the next point....

Why locally sourced?

When you purchase local it's like dropping a pebble into the pond. It's ripples stretch far out from where they initially started. When you purchase local flowers you are connecting with a farmer florist (like me) who has a family (like mine) that she wants to support with her dream (like Three Berry Flowers). You aren't padding the pockets of big businesses or someone far away that doesn't know you or care about you. When you shop local you are connecting with an actual person that (usually) wants to make you happy and provide the best possible service for you.

When you purchase local flowers you are helping the bee, insect and wildlife habitat which helps contribute to the health of your local soils and environment for years to come. Also, locally sourced flowers will live a lot longer - sometimes up to two weeks and live their cut days in water from field to vase. When flowers are cut, they are immediately put into a bucket that is washed and cleaned with fresh flowers for each specific type. Special care is taken with individual flowers because a person in your community stands behind the quality of the blooms they are providing. They aren't some nameless person from far away. They are a member of the local community that cares enough to work in all weather types to provide you with some beauty to add to your day. Finally, when you purchase local flowers you are boosting your own economy and casting a vote to make your community a better one. When you shop local, you impact local!

Finally, why me and specifically Three Berry Flowers?

In some of my loneliest days I had flowers and plants to ground me and bring me home. I know that my flowers represent so much more than a bouquet - it's a promotion, or those first date jitters, a get well soon, a commitment for life, and so much more. Which is why I take great care to provide you with the best. When you purchase with Three Berry Flowers you will get a personal bouquet that is planted, grown, tended, cut and arranged with love. I am honored to serve my community and provide the best flowers my garden can grow to share beauty and preserve what is True in life. It is much more than just a flower to me - it is a connection to the land, to our community and to one another that we belong to one another.

So the next time you need a pop of color, a message for that special someone or your own little happiness consider shopping with your local flower farmer and consider Three Berry Flowers.

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