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Who doesn't love an iced coffee on a hot day?

Is it hot where you live?

Whew! It is here.

When I lived in Japan, after college, I had to adapt to a culture that didn't blast air conditioning during their very hot and very humid summers.

It was a steep learning curve to figure out how to adjust.

One thing I changed was my coffee drinking habits.

Oh no, I didn't give up drinking my coffee. I'm no quitter. ;)

But what I did have to change was drinking hot coffee.

I often had sweat dripping down my back when I drank hot coffee those summers in Japan.

So I adapted an iced coffee version I loved and even an additional topping for special treats!

There are two ways I make iced coffee depending on my need and level of laziness.

One is that I make an entire pot of coffee and I pour whatever is left after I've had my usual couple cups into a pitcher and put it into the fridge.


Seriously. Done.

Trust me, it works.

It's not as good as this version though - it's just the easiest way to make it.

For a single serving - make your coffee twice as strong. Double the amount of shots you pour, beans you grind, or lessen the water you filter through the “K Cup".

Then you want to take your steaming cup of coffee and pour it over a glass of ice.

The ice will melt and water down your super strong coffee, making it the perfect blend.

This also works for an entire pot of coffee.

Just double the amount of grounds/beans to your water and make a strong pot of coffee.

I'm talking farmer 4AM wake-up call strong!

Then let it cool a bit. Pour it over ice if you have a carafe large enough or place it in the fridge and let it cool on it's own.

Be careful adding hot fresh coffee to an icy cold carafe. You want to avoid breaking glass since I don't recommend shards of glass in your coffee. ;)

What I do recommend on days we all need something special?

A scoop of ice cream on top.

Another trick I learned in Japan - take your iced coffee and scoop ice cream right on top to slowly melt into your delicious drink.

Mikey always loved vanilla ice cream but I preferred mint chocolate chip and I think both are quite delicious.

Tell me below how you take your iced coffee!

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