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When the love story began

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

I don't know that I had a favorite flower before I started planning my wedding but I knew I wanted fresh, local flowers from a nearby garden.

So I started researching (the days before social media and pinterest) online what was blooming in September.

That's when I found dahlias. The perfect most beautiful flower in my opinion and I knew I had to have them. Through the dahlia association I began a conversation with a local grower who could provide me with several blooms for my wedding.

I am pretty sure this sweet gardener was floored and perhaps a little frazzled making sure her flowers would be wedding-ready.

When I pulled up to her home, I remember her row of dahlias were tucked back behind her house in her garden. She had a simple garden in her backyard but the bright, big bloomed dahlias were the star of the show. It was all very serene, lovely and wonderful.

Exactly what I hoped for, with my wedding flowers. Bright fuchsia colored blooms were packed in water and a cooler for the journey back home to be ready in time for my wedding.

Little did I know falling in love with dahlias would begin a journey that led me to today's garden and YOU! Loving dahlias brought me to today, I'm curious what beauty lies ahead.

Are you a fan of dahlias? Let me know in the comments below.

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