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I did this when I got stuck starting my dreams

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

In my dreams, the garden was actually a farm and there were no buildings to block out the sunset.

In my dreams, the flowers stretched into the horizon and not the fence post.

In my dreams.

When I would lay awake at night and dream about Three Berry Flowers, before one moment of it came to be, it looked a lot different than it does today.

And thank goodness for it.

I had to let go of certain expectations I had and embrace the reality that I could still make my dream come true, but I had to let it happen the way God was preparing it to happen.

So that's the way many things are in life, aren't they?

We dream of beauty and grandiose plans but hold play-doh where we pictured perfect clay.

How do we make beauty when it's different than what we pictured?

I believe the best way to make beauty with where you are at in life is to start with what you've got.

Sure, I saw my garden differently but I still had a double lot with more grass than it needed. The yard was actually beckoning for me to do something with it, besides mow it once a week.

Where are you wanting to create beauty?

How can you start with a small step today?

Perhaps the bathroom needs remodeling or you want to landscape the whole front yard? Start small today.

"How did design your yard with all the native flowers," I asked him. "Did you do it all at once?"

"I had a flower patch in the front by the walk and a patch in the back by the house and eventually, they met in the middle," he replied.

Little by little.

Plant a small section or pull out the section you don't love.

Everyone was aghast when I pulled out the flowers but they weren't for me and they weren't what I wanted in that area.

It doesn't have to make sense to anyone but you.

Your dream may be to travel overseas, but you don't have the time or finances - take a day trip to a city or community away from your own.

I believe that God wants to take the play doh we hold and show us what He can do with it.

I believe God takes your dreams and says "Watch what I can do with the little you have right now".

Start today.

What's a dream you have? How can you take a step towards it today?

I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Then share this blog with a friend who might need encouragement to start on her own dreams.

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