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Tulips and why I changed my mind.

I have been all my life a HARD pass on tulips. No thank you. No way. No no no! I didn't even consider growing tulips at Three Berry Flowers because I knew I did not like them and that they were ugly.

Sorry, tulips lovers, I had my own uninformed opinion.

Fast forward to my Floret Flowers class I was taking and all of a sudden I am flipping through pages of these beautiful blossomy blooms. "What are these?" I wondered looking through the pages and then I saw it ... the word TULIPS.

I was uneducated on tulips and suffice to say, what I thought I knew, I didn't. I am often proven wrong and unless you're my older brothers or (gulp) my husband I'm not afraid to admit I was wrong.

So I am THRILLED to announce that tulips will be included in our early Spring line-up!

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