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This week in the garden: Summer Edition

It's been so fun to grab photos along the garden's journey.

Click here to see the garden in Spring..

This week so much is bursting to life and it is an absolutely beautiful time in the garden!

Dahlias are blooming!

The first flush of Lisianthus are here and I would like to grow 100x what I did this year. Seriously. It's such a fabulous flower!

Do you like the champagne above?

Or this purple color best?

I try to bag all my dahlia buds to keep the bugs from eating them. Let's just say that I learned this from a hard lesson.

Hi Dahlia! I love you! That's all.

Are you loving these as much as I am?

I absolutely love summer thunderstorms.

Lovely lady zinnias!

A funky-looking celosia! Isn't that a fun shape?

Garden view

Garden view

Wow, right? There's just so much goodness growing right now.

Tell me in the comments below - what are you excited to see growing?

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