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The Busy Mama's Weekend Flower Garden

You'd love to rip up all that grass, wouldn't you?

You dream of a beautiful open garden with flowers that bloom throughout the spring and summer, providing you with an oasis to escape to when life is hectic and busy.

Who has the time, though? Especially to begin such a hefty project.

Yet you can't shake the feeling that your yard was meant for more than sod and as you sip your morning coffee you know your heart was, too.

Let's chat about the easy ways to set up your flower garden devoting just a small part of your weekend and then upkeeping a tiny bit each weekend after.

Selection of flowers is key!

The easiest way to have a garden that lasts through the years is to select perennials and bulbs that require little or no care once they are planted.

I am in love with double petal tulips that look more like a peony than a classic tulip. Those were a big hit with our community this spring.

Be realistic about how much time you can devote and how you enjoy it.

I detest weeding and though some find it therapeutic I knew I was not going to be the most "on top of it".

Instead of feeling guilty that I didn't love every ounce of the gardeners upkeep, I embraced that there are parts of gardening I don't like, so when I laid out my garden I invested in landscape fabric to help me keep the weeds at bay.

Maybe you don't mind weeding but hate watering, then consider laying down drip lines so you can water quite passively through the hot summer.

Maybe you don't have time for weeding or watering. Embrace that you are doing your best and still creating beauty.

Start small. You can always add more in the years to come.

Consider planting in ceramic pots instead of clay or terracotta to hold in your moisture longer between waterings.

Growing in pots also allows you to move your plants around a bit if they are getting more/less light than they need. It's a great way to dip your toe in and experiment.

Choose easy to grow annuals like nasturtiums, pansies, zinnias and cosmos.

Choose easy to care for perennials like yarrow, coneflowers, peonies, mums and black eyed susans.

Lastly, be sure to keep in mind

1. what planting zone you're in (click here)

2. if you need protection from rabbits, deer, squirrels

3. if you have soggy or especially dry areas around the yard

4. your sunniest and shadiest spots

Pretty soon you'll be well on your way to having a prolific and beautiful garden with just a weekends worth of work under your belt.

What are some lessons you've learned in starting a garden?

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