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Shall we talk about the Queen of Summer?

Shall we just go ahead and call Zinnias the Queen of Summer? Seems like she is a favorite across the board among growers and buyers. I am not quite sure the first time I encountered a zinnia but once you do, you'll never go back to another favorite. With so many different colors and layers of petals available, zinnias are a crowd pleaser.

I have started zinnias directly in their beds and this year, will be starting some of them in trays under our lights so we can get a jump on the season. Zinnias tend to be easy to grow, love the heat and come in a wide variety of colors and petal layers. (Meaning single blooms or more fluffy with multiple layers!)

This summer in the garden we are growing not just one, not two but SIX different varieties!! I'm not sure how that happened - ha ha! I just started seeing more and more varieties that I fell head over heels in love with. It's pretty obvious that I am partial to shades of pink and vibrant reds!

(these photos are from the growers I bought seeds from and are not my own)

I blame it on having too much fun and shopping with my eyes that I ended up with six. But cest le vie - such is life! I don't think I will regret having these all popping in my garden nor will they be a disappointment in our premium Subscription bouquets and Farmers Market bouquets. Have you signed up to get your Summer Subscription? Don't wait. Once the slots are filled, we will be closing our doors.

Tell me, are you fan of the Queen of Summer - Zinnias?

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