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Say "Bye Bye" to Winter Blues

When January rolls in, I have come to expect that ol' pesky feeling of "Blah" to be close behind it. It seems like there is just something about January that makes me want to climb under the blankets and stay cozy until the weather warms up again.

Tell me I'm not alone here!

So what do we do when the skies are grey, the weather is blustery and adulting is calling?

Play & rest.

My dear friend Rachel recently told me that a lot of people are incorporating these two words into their daily habits so that they can heal from or avoid burn-out.

I immediately jumped on the idea to focus on them as well as a way to avoid the winter blues.

Let's start with "PLAY" - here's how we've been bringing the play back into our family.


* play music and start a dance party

* try a new recipe that is a little more

* introduce some color into your daily routine. Buy some flowers for the dining table or change up the pillows in your living area to invite bright colors to break up the environment.

* be silly - one night, while playing a spy board game, I encouraged the family to dress up like spies so that they could get into character. It was a hilarious and fun night!

* bundle up and get outdoors. Yes, I know it is probably chilly but fresh air and maybe a bit of sunshine does wonders for the sun. We'll even break out the bicycles so we can have a little break from our normal routine and do something fun we enjoy that usually has to wait for summer.

* game nights without the tv on. We love watching movies but there isn't much conversation that happens when the television is on so instead we turn it off and play board games. We even have a family friendly competition complete with a super ugly trophy that the winner gets after a set number of games played.

Now let's chat REST because if you're like me, this is harder to make time and space for.

I think the best way to encourage you to rest is to ask what activity or moment do you enjoy where you can take a deep breath.

I'll share my list of what I do to rest but I know that everyone is super different. The important thing is to remember to be kind to your body and to shut your mind off so it can "rest" as well.

* screen free hours/days/moments where I'm just sitting in silence or enjoying myself

* reading a fictional story - something that doesn't get my brain working too hard

* a hot bath

* vitamins and health care appointments - I know this sounds like more work but after caring for all my children and making sure they're where they need to be, I forget to take a moment to take care of myself. Taking my vitamins and meeting with my doctor feels like a little hug.

*caring for my seedlings or indoor plants

* scheduling a weekly coffee or lunch date with a friend

It is so important for me, as I often work from home, to get outside and to meet with people.

loved having this workshop with our community at the local library! Look for events happening in your community to get out and spend time with people!

We are the most connected via technology than any other time in history but we tend to still be so isolated from true community with people.

You need others but guess what? They truly do need YOU too!

Tell me in the comments below what you will try today- resting or playing?

p.s. Click here if you need more ideas to read a similar post I wrote last year.

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