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My favorite garden reads for passing winter

As someone who loves books and flower gardening, I suppose it isn't a surprise that I would necessarily love books on flower gardening.

But I know not everyone loves these type of books but I love leafing through the pages, taking notes and dreaming about Springtime when it's winter.

Come summertime, these books will also be out around the house, lying open to a mud smudged page as I run in from the field and reference something quickly.

They are each a treasure trove of information and I can't wait to share each one with you.

  1. "Cut Flower Garden" by Erin Benzakein was where I discovered I could take a hobby and actually turn it into something a bit more. I have dog-eared, post-it noted, and scribbled over these pages because each one is encouraging to the novice like myself to start with where you're at and begin. I absolutely love Erin's books and highly recommend them, if not for gardening than for enjoying the beauty of her garden from curled up on your couch. The photography is really captivating and would make a great book to peruse on your own.

  2. "Growing Wonder" by Felicia Alvarez - this is an outstanding book on growing roses. I love the practical tips and the calendar pages that help me know what my roses need for each month of the year. Roses can get such a bad rap for being finicky and difficult, but Felicia takes a lot of the guesswork out and gives you a framework to work within and have beautiful roses for years to come. Be forewarned though - I read this book and promptly added more roses to an order I had coming. It may make you buy. all. the. things. as far as roses are concerned.

  3. "From Seed to Bloom" by Milli Proust - okay, true confession time, this book is just so beautiful to look at. It's mostly a dreamy escape to the English countryside for me. *BUT* It does have a ton of helpful tips for design work. I would say it is shallow on the actual growing part (mentions basic information for lots of flower types) but dives in deeper for the design aspect. Milli is well-known for her "Windowsill Wednesday" design work where she posts every Wednesday a new and seasonal design from her home. I would love to do something similar as this as a challenge to myself in my design skills but also because gosh, it's just so much fun to see what she'll post the upcoming Wednesday.

So there you have it. What I've been reading and scribbling over this winter!

Tell me below - Do you like reading gardening books? What are some of your favorites?

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