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Feeling stretched thin? Read to find joy in your day!

A simple practice we started here is noting our days.

It had become clear to me how fleeting the days were when they are filled with conversations, school, activities and the "mundane" beauty of rhythm.

Though I haven't learned how to make the days slow down or my children pause in their growth, I have noticed that this simple practice of noting our days has helped me notice them with fresh eyes.

Simply put out a jar somewhere everyone can see it.

I keep ours on the mantle, though recently I noticed it hadn't been added to so I moved it to the dining table as a centerpiece.

Though it's not the loveliest thing to look at I reminded myself that it was about the practice and not just the aesthetics.

Keep slips of paper and a pen handy and encourage your family/roommates/self to write down the small and large blessings of life.

I have written down happy memories mostly but I have also written down the harder things we endured together so that I can recall those, too.

The key is don't read anyone else's memories until an appointed time.

Perhaps you want to reflect back once a month or after the season has finished. For us, the current plan is to write down our memories and blessings for one year and then celebrate and read them through over New Years Eve.

Then I'd like to put them in a manilla envelope with the date on the front and keep them as memories to look back on for years to come.

No matter how you use your jar I believe you will be blessed beyond measure as you recall the gifts God has given you and give thanks for all the moments hard, easy, big or small.

It may not be the secret to giving us more time but it just may be the secret to making the most of the time we've been given.

Will you do a Memory jar? Do you already practice this in a different way? Let me know below.

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