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Beating those Mid-Winter Blues

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

When my littles were littler... more little... younger, I would read on repeat this magical fun book of rhyme "Zoozical". It's a cute book about a young panda and kangaroo helping their zoo-mates beat the midwinter doldrums by putting on a musical at the Zoo. If you have young kids I highly recommend this fun and fabulous book.

Beating the midwinter doldrums is crucial. Especially here in the midwest! Don't get me wrong I am all about four seasons but I like my snow to make it in time for Christmas and last until March. Then I'm done. Like 100% over it. When I wake up March 1st and it's still cold and snowy I am genuinely surprised. Hello, weather! It's spring!

Sigh! It never listens.

So I have invested in some fun ways to bring a little Spring into my home this winter and introduce it earlier than usual.

Here are my top three ways to bring Spring into your home....

  1. Force Bulbs - planting bulbs in the fall you can actually bring them indoors and trick them into thinking it's Spring earlier than Springtime outside. We planted Amaryllises and Narcissuses into pots this fall and have been forcing them to bloom indoors in sunny rooms. It has been so much fun to see the little bulbs sprout and grow this winter.

  2. Force Flowering Branches - if you're getting a little pruning done be sure to save some of your branches for indoors. Flowering branches such as viburnum, forsythia, rosebud, lilacs and pussy willows do well when you bring them indoors and encourage them to bud early. Check out this article on picking the best branches to bloom and how to encourage them to flower.

  3. Decorate for Spring before it's Spring - so often the inside of my home matches the outside but this year we got Post-It Note Easel Sheets for the girls to put on the wall and decorate with colorings, words, drawings and happy colors! Think Christmas level decorating but with pastels or bright colors that will uplift the mood.

So those are how we will be introducing Spring early here in Illinois! What about you? How will you beat those midwinter doldrums at your house?

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