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A moment I felt most proud of my daughters

It was a warm day as my daughters lined up to run the race.

All three of them had signed up to run for the fundraiser and I was proud of them for trying something new.

As they took off I watched them slowly run out of sight as the took the first turn that led them away from the arena before circling back to cross the finish line.

I scanned the horizon waiting for the first runners to return but when I saw the first runner I could hardly believe it.

“It's her," I swatted at my distracted dad. “It's her! She's first!” I screamed.

Blame it on the hormones or the emotions or whatever you want but I knew in that moment, when I started crying seeing my daughter cross the mile finish line in first place, that I was living the life I had always dreamed of.

There was no deadline to meet.

No work to rush off to.

No social media to post to.

I was present in that moment to embrace my daughter as she fully was and celebrate her achievements.

I wasn't proud of her for finishing first. I was proud of all of them for trying something new, for putting themselves out there and soaring with wings spread wide.

I was proud that they had waited for me to catch up to them enjoying life.

That's the great thing about kids - isn't it? If we will enter into their world - if we take the time to slow down - we will see the world and their hearts with new eyes.

That's what the flowers have given to me - the opportunity to slow way down and be surrounded by what is most important to me...

My family.

If we aren't careful, we could miss this beautiful life. I have found it invaluable to "practice the pause" - to stop and take note of what is happening right now in this moment. It's like a picture but instead of on my phone, it's on my heart.

I'd love to hear a time when you were most proud of.

Comment below and tell me.

I'd really love to know.

You can even share a time you got to slow down and enjoy life, but whatever you want to share, I sure hope you do respond by commenting below and let me know.

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