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5 flowers to say "I love you"

Aw. It's February!

Love is in the air. Even if you don't celebrate Valentine's Day - it seems that pinks and reds and hearts are everywhere sending us a not so subtle love message.

Did you know that flowers have their own meaning and messages?

It's true.

Dating back to the Victorian era, when memorizing flower meanings and then sending a bouquet message, it wasn't a far fetched hobby enjoyed by only some.

Knowing and speaking the "language of flowers" was common in those days and today, it can be a fun way to explore your favorite flowers and their messages you may be sending without even knowing it.

In honor of St. Valentine let me introduce you to five flowers that speak of love.

Rose - no surprise here, right? But not just any rose. A red rose communicates love, while deep crimson displays "mourning" and a yellow rose would tell the recipient that they are losing interest.

So if your Victorian era boyfriend wasn't quick to propose you might want to send him a bouquet of yellow roses and hope he gets the message. ;)

Tulip - a red tulip also speaks of passion and a strong declaration of the senders ardent love.

Yarrow - (pictured above) are a sign of everlasting love which I think is beautifully fitting since the flower is so hardy and really tough lasting in the garden through even the harshest weather climates. Kind of fitting for an analogy of love surviving through even the hard times.

Carnation - symbolizes a mother's love but again be careful of the color you send. ;) Red carnation can mean an aching heart but also deep love. Yellow carnations are the Victorian era's way of saying "ew gross"

Zinnia - And finally, the queen of cut flowers, Zinnias - these speak to someone about the lasting bond of friendship and even perhaps how deeply you miss a friend. Sending your bestie across the city a bouquet of zinnias would have communicated to her that you love her, you're devoted to her and you miss her.

Pretty amazing right?

I find the language of flowers so fascinating and often times senders would put together a mixed bouquet with several messages and communicated through different petals, colors and the art of floral design.

So next time you want to send a message, say it with flowers! ;)

Comment below and tell me, is the meaning & language of flowers a new concept to you?!

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