My top 4 flowers for the grace-filled garden

My top 4 flowers for the grace-filled garden

I love flowers that you can pretty much sow blindfolded. These are the varieties that I recommend if you like easy winners.

You don't have to cut these to enjoy them but the more you cut, the more they'll bloom throughout the season.

Google your last frost date so you know when to plant the seeds and you can go from there, either starting them inside near a sunny window or planting them directly in your garden.

  1. Sunflowers - hands down these were customers' favorite! They're easy to grow with a little more space and if you get the "branching" varieties you will be rewarded with multiple blooms throughout the summer. Plus, honeybees love them!

2. No list would be complete without Zinnias. This is a seed that with a bright sunny spot and some water to get started will flourish and take off when the summer heat sets in. Keep cutting zinnias to have them "bush out" and continue producing. A favorite with the bees and bugs, this is a true garden favorite!


3. Cosmos - give me all the wispy & wonderful cosmos! I love how these flowers are so delicately petaled. Some day I want a walkway with cosmos on either side. It's a dream of mine to have these beauties all over the garden. They are the life of the party and bring a lot of movement to bouquets! Plant them and be rewarded with tall gorgeous green stems and waving blooms. 

4. Last but not least, the Black Eyed Susan! These beautiful flowers are so hardy and considered a perennial in some areas. Where we live in Illinois, we transplanted our Susans to the perennial beds to see if they'd reward us with more than one year. Fingers crossed they come back! They bloomed early, stayed around all season and produced a hearty supply of flowers all season long. They were a true garden workhorse!

Let me know below, what are some favorite flowers of yours?

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