A Blessing for those who sow seeds

A Blessing for those who sow seeds

Blessed are you,
who sow seeds this spring,
for the first time
for the four hundredth time.

Blessed are you,
for you see hope where others see mud,
what could be blank space,
or cold,
or dead.

You could see these things,
but you nurture what will be...
the life
in hope
in love
in light.

You remember the days
life and
hope and
love and
light all came bursting
through your windowpanes
and into your heart.

Like a seed breaks forth the ground
and gives that first cast of green.

Like the breaking open of a bud when it has split it's sepals and turned from green to vibrant colors.

That is how life broke into your heart.

So you sow seeds knowing
that soon these that die will burst forth
and in the handing forth of
the fruit you also sow
in the lives of others.

Blessed are the hands that are sowing seeds and blessed are the hands that shall receive the fruit from the seeds.

Blessed are you.
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